Personal Items - 2

Ear scoop/nail cleaner
with barley-twist stem


Ear scoop/nail cleaner
Medieval - 13th-14th century
Country/Area of Origin: Buckhamshire River, England, UK
Material: Bronze
Weight: 0.87g

Notes: Barley twist stem on a combination ear scoop and nail cleaner. One piece construction with end terminating with a point. Metal detecting find from the Buckinghamshire River. Identical to Item 1758, Baynard House, Baynard Castle Dock, London. MoL Egan & Pritchard Dress Accessories.
Mirror case
with punch work

Object: Mirror case
Culture: Medieval. 13th-14th century
Country/Area of Origin: Somerset, England
Material: Copper alloy
Size: 85mm opened. 35mm wide
Weight: 14.33g

Notes: Punch work on both case segments. Identical to cast copper alloy hinged mirror case Item numbers 1714 and 1715 , BWB83 Billingsgate lorry park, MoL, Dress Accessories, Egan and Pritchard

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